Nurturing Children with Special Needs: Reshmy Nikith’s Journey with Drishti Foundation in Mumbai

Reshmy Nikith
Image Source: Free Press Journal

Reshmy Nikith, the founder of the Drishti Foundation in Mumbai, shares her experience of nurturing children with special needs. Nikith, who has dedicated her life to working with children with disabilities, speaks about the challenges and joys of this work.

Drishti Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides education and support to children with special needs. Nikith’s approach to working with these children is based on empathy, patience, and individualized care. She believes that every child is unique and deserves equal opportunities to succeed in life.

Reshmy Nikith emphasizes the need for creating a supportive environment that fosters the growth and development of children with disabilities. She advocates for early intervention and the importance of providing children with access to education and resources that can help them overcome their challenges. Nikith’s work with Drishti Foundation has had a positive impact on the lives of many children with special needs and their families. She has helped children with disabilities gain confidence, improve their communication skills, and develop the necessary skills to become independent.

Working with children with special needs can be challenging, but Nikith finds it incredibly rewarding. She believes that these children have unique talents and abilities that need to be recognized and nurtured. Nikith’s work is a reminder of the importance of creating a more inclusive society that values diversity and provides equal opportunities for all.

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