Mango                      – 2No.s

    Roasted peanut          -1/2 cup

    Red Chilly Powder      -1/2 cup

    Salt                            -3 tsp

    Oil                                  – 4 tbsp

    Mustard Seeds            – 1 tsp

    Garlic                             – 7 flakes

    Green Chilly                 –  3 No.s


    Dry Red Chillies          -4 No.s

    Mustard Seeds           – ½ tsp

    Methi Seeds               – ½ tsp

    Asafoetida                  – 1/4 tsp


   -Grind roasted peanut and mustard seeds to a smooth powder. Make sure ,you don’t grind it too much.

    -Wash and wipe the raw mangoes and pat them dry. Allow to cool down and chop into 1 inch piece. Spread on a plate for it to be completely dry.

    -Peel the garlic and chop the green chillies.

    -Take the mango pieces into a bowl. Add garlic, green chillies, chilly powder, peanut with mustard seeds powder and salt. Mix using a dry spoon ,covering all the mango pieces.

    -Heat a pan with oil. When it is hot, add the red chillies , mustard seeds, methi seeds  and asafetida. Saute it for a couple of minutes .Ensure the flame is low. Then pour this hot oil mix on the mango pieces and mix well.

    -After 2 or 3 days ,you can start consuming the pickle.

Recipe By-

P. Anu Radha.
Muvattupuzha, Kerala.
Shop Name-Idlyshop

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