Do you find your current Lifestyle immersed in stress, worries, crisis, and toxicity?
Want some hacks to get rid of your load? Here we bring you some actionable Life Savvy tips
to upgrade your living standards and make your life less complicated.

  1. First impressions aren’t based on looks, they’re based on confidence.
  2. The minute you see jealousy in a friend, get rid of them.
  3. Less is more when it comes to makeup.
  4. Starving yourself just leads you to overeat later.
  5. Don’t let someone isolate you and become the only person in your life.
  6. Stop asking everyone else their opinions.
  7. Find someone you respect and can always laugh with.
  8. Stop bragging that you don’t sleep, it’s not cool.
  9. Being clutter-free in life gives you so much clarity, you won’t be owned by your
  10. Don’t dismiss the little things in your relationship that bother you because they
    probably won’t change.
  11. Don’t forget to leave things that aren’t serving you, you have to make space for that
    other opportunities.
  12. Sometimes it’s okay to treat yourself to something you like.
  13. The five people you are around the most are the ones who are going to inspire your
  14. Dogs are always better than anything.
  15. Stop asking yourself, “Am I too old for this?”
  16. Watch out, bullies will follow you through every stage of your life.
  17. It is better to be lonely alone, than lonely with someone.
  18. Stop competing with other women.
  19. The people in your life that always have emergencies, always have problems, they’re
    energy-suckers, get them out of your life.
  20. Focus on timeless clothes versus fast fashion.
  21. Be glad for other people’s success, there is room for everyone.
  22. Cherish the good relationships in your family.
  23. Stop dreading the “middle years,” and look at age as something to aspire to.
  24. Sugar causes inflammation in your body and inflammation causes disease.
  25. Mentoring other women is crucial.
  26. Surround yourself with people who have similar value systems as you do.
  27. Don’t gossip at work.
  28. Don’t sleep with your coworkers.
  29. Jealousy causes wrinkles.
  30. Do not go to bed with your makeup on, EVER.
  31. Surround yourself with people who want you to be better than you are today.
  32. Keeping your word matters.
  33. It’s okay to not be hustling and working 24/7.
  34. Appreciate the small moments, everything doesn’t have to be a big thing.
  35. Whoever is going to be there for you in 5 years is who should be in your life right now.
  36. Allow yourself to mess up.
  37. Be honest about what you want and don’t accept anything less.
  38. Stop worrying about dressing your age, dress for confidence.
  39. Pick up a book, it makes you more creative.
  40. DON’T WAIT to use things, wear things, or experience things.
  41. Complimenting a stranger will put both of you in a good mood.
  42. You are NEVER too old to have fun.
  43. Stop comparing yourself to people online, it is never as it seems.
  44. You are NEVER too old to start again.
  45. Always have a side passion.
  46. Stop losing the present by focusing on the past, and learn to change.
  47. Just because you did something bad doesn’t always mean you become a bad person.
  48. Stay off your phone during family time.
  49. Go through 4 seasons with someone before you commit to them.
  50. Don’t just walk by your pet and take them for granted.
  51. Stop punishing yourself for the little things, and forgive yourself like you would a child.
  52. Just stop apologizing.

    Implement these tips and observe the results.
    Comment which one you find the most effective.
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