5 Positive Platitudes to boost our Self-esteem

“Take proper care of your mind, and your life will follow suit.”

People spend a lot of time making diet plans keeping calorie intake in mind, which is yet another restricted diet in the hopes of shedding excess body fat. Although most people start strong, the majority fail to turn their new routine into a long-term habit. Diets fail for various reasons, one of which is that people frequently focus on losing weight, which affects their mental health, rather than doing the difficult work of repairing the relationship between their food and their body. 

Thankfully, we have solutions to this dilemma, one of which is if we use the neuroplasticity of our brain, i.e., if we repeat something regularly, our brain starts accepting it and eventually becomes a fact for our brain. Positive affirmations are phrases that we tell ourselves regularly to help us motivate ourselves and boost our self-esteem. To put it another way, positive affirmations are comments intended to counteract negative or unhelpful thinking. 

Some empirical research supports the premise that reminding ourselves what we think positively can help us retain our feeling of self-integrity. Self-integrity is related to our perceived ability to influence ethical consequences and behave dynamically when our self-concept is compromised.

Some of the positive affirmations are listed below:

1. “I enjoy every bite”.

Eating is a perception that stimulates your senses in ways other than taste. Examine how your meal looks, aromas, and tastes, as well as how many qualities you can identify and how it’s placed on your plate. It shows that relishing your dish can help you consume fewer calories. This affirmation may serve as a reminder to sit down and enjoy the act of treating yourself.

2. “I can do difficult tasks”.

This assertion works in many ways, so you can modify it to meet your own purposes. If you find it extremely difficult but intend to cycle three days a week, you may reword your statement to say, “I can cycle three days a week despite having a full schedule”.

3. “I have good health and strength”.

Diet culture convinces us that our physique should look a certain way, and as a result, we are becoming fixated on accomplishing the ideal. Rather than seeking an unrealistic standard and a specific image, turn your priority to functionality. Then again, the perfect body is your healthiest physique. Furthermore, by repeating this sentence, we will gradually shift our attention away from the numbers on the scale and toward the weight that is beneficial for us.

4. “I respect what my body is capable of”.

Instead of portraying your body as something that needs to be fixed all the time, this affirmation emphasizes what it is already doing or has already done. Perhaps it’s the baby it carried, the food it made, the cancer it defeated, or the laughter it managed to provide in the face of adversity. Start by acknowledging its numerous accomplishments so far, no matter how large or small.

5. “I’m comfortable with my body the way it is”.

Ironically, the way we talk to ourselves in our internal monolog is sometimes less forgiving than how we would speak to another individual. Although more profound research is necessary, positive self-talk might well be beneficial to one’s well being.

Positive affirmations are a fantastic approach by using positive inner monolog to reverse internal negative comments and boost self-esteem. Whether you’re trying to find a way to cope with anxiety or just want to become more enthusiastic. Positive phrases can serve as a starting point for your journey to wellbeing.

She enjoys reading literature, creative writing, volunteering, and teaching young children.

Ritika Behera

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