Every person has only one living God in their life which is their mother. A mother is everything for us including a teacher, a guide and a friend for life. The same is true for me, my mother taught me how to live. We discuss everything openly with our mothers and I too am very open with her except for certain things that I try to hide from her only because I know that she would be terribly upset if she found out that I was worried.

When my first love left me, the worries that I hid in my mind and the tension of work made me retreat into a shell. I was reluctant to even talk to anyone. During that phase, I faced another tragedy which was that my father passed away and my mother and I became alone. That was when I attempted to take my life for the second time. As years went by, drowning myself in work, I tried to kill time on social media. I have always loved photography and started clicking photos on the phone and began posting them on Facebook. That was when someone special came into my life by liking my pictures. She has been a good friend and motivation for me ever since. When men have a problem and if someone is kind to them, they love their kind gesture a lot. 

As an individual who overthinks and frets over small troubles, I was overwhelmed by the truth about the problems that she faced and the story of her life. She fought alone in another country for her family and lived with a determination to move forward in life and has no complaints. She is also a good teacher because she leads others in the right direction by sharing the lessons that she learnt from her experience. She says, “Your past life is only a collection of lessons. Accept only what is needed and leave out the rest”. Compared to her struggle of giving wings to her desires, I had never experienced anything similar. But the question of why I could not began to nag me.

As far as my understanding is, God is found in people. My God is my mother and my friend who fights with me and motivates me to live and gives me a sense of purpose.

Written by

Mr. Ajith Kumar 
Event promoter and Interior Design consultant, history buff, photographer, voice over artist



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