Finding God in the Bonds of Motherhood and Friendship


Every individual has only one living God in their life, and for most, that deity is their mother. A mother embodies everything for us—she is a teacher, a guide, and a lifelong friend. This holds for me as well; my mother taught me the essentials of living. We openly discuss almost everything, although there are certain matters I conceal from her, recognizing that she would be distressed if she discovered my worries.

When my first love departed, the anxieties I concealed in my mind, coupled with work-related stress, led me to withdraw into a shell. I was hesitant to communicate with anyone. During this phase, another tragedy struck—my father passed away, leaving my mother and me alone. It was during this dark period that I contemplated taking my life for the second time. Over the years, I immersed myself in work and sought solace on social media. Being passionate about photography, I began capturing moments on my phone and sharing them on Facebook. It was during this time that someone special entered my life, expressing admiration for my pictures. Since then, she has been a supportive friend and a source of motivation. Men greatly appreciate kind gestures when they are going through tough times.

As someone prone to overthinking and worrying about trivial issues, I was deeply moved by the challenges she faced and the story of her life. She confronted hardships alone in a foreign land, dedicated to advancing in life without complaints. A good teacher guides others in the right direction by sharing the lessons she learned from her experiences. She often says, “Your past life is only a collection of lessons. Accept only what is needed and leave out the rest.” Comparatively, my struggles seemed insignificant. Yet, the question of why I couldn’t overcome them began to haunt me.

From my perspective, divinity resides in people. My God is both my mother and my friend, who stands by me, motivates me to live and instills in me a sense of purpose.

Mr. Ajith Kumar 
Event promoter and Interior Design consultant, history buff, photographer, voice-over artist

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