Q I come from a family of a huge debt, with no assets at all. It all happened because of my father’s misappropriation. I am 24 years old and pursuing my chartered accountancy, and my sister is doing her engineering degree. My mother works for an office and is trying hard to make two ends meet. It has been more than 15 years that we are going through such a dire situation.Sometimes, I feel so hopeless that there is no way out of this predicament. I don’t speak to my father and for many reasons, I fight and verbally argue with my mom and my sister, and I cannot adjust with them either.

I understand your situation, but don’t loose heart, many of us go through similar situations , and  frustrations can be easily  build up which is quite common in human beings. But intellectually controlling the mind helps to have peaceful co-existence. Developing a strong belief and trust  in  yourself  is the first step that can do to help you come-out of the situation.  Also keep in mind that if you focus on your studies only you will be able to help your family . Also, you may divert yourself to any hobby you like or getting engaged in something that  you enjoy is also very important even if it is  for a short while in a day. Creating peace within and for the people around is very important – one thing that can help is writing down the gratitude journal every day. At least one positive aspect in your life.

Every sunrise comes after a sunset. Be hopeful and take life as it is. These situations are for a reason which you will realise in life, may be little later.  Muster your courage and determination. Avoid verbal fight with others as its energy loss. Try the  power of silence on such occasions. It is also advisable if you can help or become independent by doing a part-time job (on or offline) as situations permits.  Your sister also can try some part time job which is also an engagement as well as a help to your mom. Being a CA student,  you can easily  find a job on shops or firms which needs an accountant. Even if it is small it will be a support to your mother.But do not ignore your studies. These experience will be a value addition like an internship and also try to  post in linked in. These networks also can help you with part time offers.

Dr Nidhi M B,
 Associate Professor, MED, MBCET National Executive Council Member, ISTE , New Delhi ISTE Kerala section

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