Q. I am a 25 years old woman. I feel dejected very easily and a simple comment on me from others make me low. As I am a job seeker, I am looking for jobs and I am well qualified as well. But after each interview I experience a low, like I have fell in to a black hole. What I have noticed is I cannot stand judgements and I have this habit of keeping on self-judging myself. Always some comparisons are going on within me, and I look at others faces, and try to read or it flashes into my mind, what they are thinking of me. This happens while I am with an interview board too. So I panic, and do blunders. Kindly help.

Answer by – Ms. Suma Gowda

1.Prepare for the interview. As starters first  stand in front of mirror and  practice few common interview questions, and see how you are answering those. If required changes the style of answering. Practice more than 10 times to come out of this situation.

2. Prior to the interview tell yourself that you are going to rock the interview and be passive for a while, if you get this job, that’s well and  good, if not also that’s okay, world is big and there are toooplenty of opportunities ahead.

 3.Do some mock interviews with your friends

4.You are unique, please don’t assume and lose the opportunity.

ACTION is the mother of all Accomplishments. Take above actions till you get the Job! All the best, go and rock the interview!!!



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