‘Bhumi Pednekar and the Message of Inclusivity: ‘Badhaai Do’ Wins 6 Filmfare Awards’


Image source: Jagran English

Bollywood actress Bhumi Pednekar recently expressed her gratitude as her latest film, ‘Badhaai Do,’ won six prestigious Filmfare Awards. The actress took to social media to share her thoughts on the win and how the team stands in solidarity with the queer community.

‘Badhaai Do’ is a sequel to the 2018 hit film ‘Badhaai Ho’ and stars Bhumi Pednekar and Rajkummar Rao in lead roles. The film is about a gay man and a lesbian woman who come together to form a family and deal with societal pressures.

The film won six awards at the 67th Filmfare Awards, including Best Film, Best Director, and Best Actor for Rajkummar Rao. Bhumi Pednekar, who played the role of a lesbian police officer in the film, was thrilled to receive the Best Actress Critics award.

In her social media post, Bhumi expressed her gratitude towards the Filmfare jury for recognizing the film and its message of inclusivity. She also spoke about the importance of standing in solidarity with the queer community and how the team of ‘Badhaai Do’ is proud to represent them.

The actress wrote, “It’s a proud moment for us as ‘Badhaai Do’ has won 6 Filmfare awards. Thank you, Filmfare jury, for recognizing the film and its message of inclusivity. We stand tall with our queer friends and hope to create more stories that represent them. Let’s continue to spread love and acceptance.”

Bhumi Pednekar’s statement highlights the importance of representation in media and how films can be used as a tool for social change. The team of ‘Badhaai Do’ has shown that it is possible to create films that not only entertain but also educate and promote acceptance.

In a country where the LGBTQ+ community still faces discrimination and marginalization, it is essential to have films that depict their struggles and successes. ‘Badhaai Do’ is a step in the right direction, and the team’s win at the Filmfare Awards is a testament to its impact.

Bhumi Pednekar’s words of gratitude and support for the queer community are a reminder that it is essential to use one’s platform to promote inclusivity and acceptance. We can only hope that more filmmakers take inspiration from ‘Badhaai Do’ and create stories that represent all members of society.

Re-reported from the story originally published in Jagran English

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