Brain Optimization Lessons for Millennials


After discovering her mother’s cancer diagnosis, Candy Calderon became a force for change, seeking ways to promote healing and wellness. Armed with a background in business, she shifted her career to study holistic nutrition and wellness coaching, aiming to find effective pathways to support her mother’s survival. Years later, when her mother experienced cognitive decline, Calderon delved into brain health to find ways to help her thrive.

As a certified Brain Health Professional, Calderon realized the profound impact of stress on the body and mind. Reflecting on her past adherence to the norms of hustle culture, especially prevalent in her immigrant household, she recognized the need for a shift. She emphasized the importance of prioritizing well-being over constant work, dispelling the myth that success requires sacrificing one’s health.

Calderon, a trailblazer in the Health & Wellness space, has denounced her past habits and raises awareness about simple steps to start healing the brain. Millennials, particularly women, are increasingly interested in longevity, as they are projected to live longer. Calderon highlighted the impact of chronic stress on mental and physical health, leading to cognitive decline. Workplace stress and lack of focus are widespread, affecting over 30% of U.S. employees.

Focusing on brain health, Calderon founded CEO Wellness Club, a program addressing the holistic well-being of founders, executives, and leaders. Through coaching and signature programs, she aims to gamify cognitive improvement practices and create health-conscious habits. Drawing on her multicultural background, Calderon strives to diversify the wellness industry.

Empowering individuals to be proactive in their health decisions, Calderon shared three tips for optimizing the brain: feed the brain with a wholesome diet, exercise the brain through analog activities and physical exercise, and rest the brain with quality sleep. Her mission is to redefine vibrant health and encourage a new generation of professionals to prioritize well-being. Collaborating with top brands, Calderon’s humanized, science-backed content has positioned her as a leader in the wellness revolution.

Repurposed article originally published in the Forbes

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