It looks like the year 2023 is going to be a great reading year. I am sharing with you five books that are going to be published this year and I cannot wait to read these.

  • Transitional

By Munroe Bergdorf

Expected Publication: February 16, 2023

This is a debut novel by British transgender model and activist, Munroe Bergdorf. Transitional explores the process of transitioning by reflecting on her journey. It shows the power of a community and its need to be authentic to live fully. Bergdorf explains how she came to revise her outlook and examines how society views change in six vital areas of human experience—adolescence, sexuality, gender, relationships, identity, and race. 

Through facts from the past and the history of gender, Bergdorf wants people to understand where she’s coming from and see the true meaning of gender. Transitional reminds us that our unique differences give us power and shows how these differences can be harnessed as a tool to heal, build community, inspire personal growth, and forge a path for progress forward together.

  • Happy Place

By Emily Henry

Expected Publication: April 25, 2023

Known for writing witty romances, Emily Henry is coming up with another of her feel-good novels. It has been named the most anticipated book of 2023.

It is about a perfect couple who broke up a few months ago and how they fake their relationship in front of their best friends on a week-long annual holiday. If you have fallen in love with her characters in ‘Beach Read” or “People you meet on Vacation”, then surely you are in for a ride with this one.

  • The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece

By Tom Hanks

Expected Publication: May 9, 2023

Tom Hanks, the Hollywood legend and author of Uncommon Type is coming up with a novel spanning eight decades. It is an ambitious story of the making of a star-studded and multimillion-dollar superhero action film, which was inspired by a humble comic book.

It is an entertaining and thought-provoking novel. It takes us through the mammoth efforts required to make a film. Also, it is a reflection on America’s past and present, the world of show business, and the real world we live in.

  • Fourteen Days: An Unauthorized Gathering

By Margaret Atwood and others

Expected Publication: 30 May 2023

This book has not only been written by Margaret Atwood but also by over 20 other star-studded writers like John Grisham, Douglas Preston to Tommy Orange. These authors take us through the pandemic days and how it strengthened bonds between people.  

The novel is set during the initial days of the Covid-induced shutdown in an apartment building in Manhattan where tenants meet every night on the rooftop and share their stories. Most of these people had barely spoken with each other earlier and how they had become good neighbors.  Read to know more about them and their stories.

  • Lady Tan’s Circle of Women

By Lisa See

Expected Publication: June 6, 2023

Lady Tan’s Circle of Women is a historical novel set in 15th-century China. It is a captivating true story of a woman physician, Yunxian who was raised by her grandparents. Her grandmother was one of the few female doctors in China and she had trained Yunxian from a very young age in Chinese medicines, specifically in women’s illnesses related to childbirth. During her training, she makes friends with Meiling who is being trained as a midwife. The two girls become fast friends.

But trouble begins when Yunxian is married in an arranged marriage set-up and is expected to behave like a proper wife and stay forever within the walls of a family compound.  The book is about how she breaks free of the traditions and along with Meiling goes on to treat girls and women from all levels of society. She did such remarkable work that many of her remedies are still used five centuries later.

I am sure you will find these books to be exciting reads and grab a copy as soon as it is published.

-Nivedita Chitnis is a corporate HR Generalist, independent writer, and editor. She has co-authored books and writes for Indian Newspapers.

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