For the last few days, my mind was oscillating around a newly found wisdom, which became so heavy day by day, that I couldn’t resist the idea of sharing it through my writing. The nomenclature of Catharsis originates from the Greek word Katharsis meaning “purification” or “cleansing.” The term is frequently used in therapy as well as in the field of Fine Arts and Literature. The sole purpose of desiring to get soaked in the Catharsis is to experience a state of mind which immediately relaxes you and calms you down. Further to this, it gives you a bounty of joy that you get charged up to start afresh even if you have to pick up fragmented pieces to finish your Life puzzle. It involves a sense of absolute contentment as well as confidence in focusing, planning, strategizing, and finally implementing your dreams and thoughts into future action. We humans come to this planet with some free package as far as relations are concerned. From parents to siblings, uncles, aunties to cousins, grandparents to extended relatives, and even neighbors don’t miss our pathway. Most of the time, we certainly don’t have any role to choose them. It was already destined for us. Spending time with them, growing up under them, and growing up with them can build a storehouse of varied experiences to cherish for anyone’s lifetime. It could be Catharsis for some people while it could be traumatizing to some unfortunate tribes. It is not necessary to get a seamless experience of love, comfort, security, and mental wellness from our preordained folks. However, to realize that and set boundaries, certainly require a great ordeal. And with pride, I subscribe to the fact that Catharsis in a relationship is not only divine, but it is absolutely a vital necessity for self-love and fulfillment of dreams in your journey of life. Author Chandrama Majumdar is an Educator, Mental Health Evangelist, and trusted Relationship Counselor.

I am absolutely amazed by a few simple but obvious CHECKPOINTS which ONE must seriously ensure before entering into a relationship while choosing a companion.

You are not afraid to repeat your worries, anxieties, and maybe the mundane happenings of your day catatonically.

You can burst out crying or maybe shed some quiet drops of pearl as much as you want to the silent consternation of that person.

You don’t feel alienated from your partner, at any point in time.

Even if you carry an invisible world of profound emotion inside you, someone is always there for you, beside you without judging you for a single moment.

Your partner should walk at the same level, not somewhere above or somewhere below, completely oblivious to your journey. Not necessarily, one has to truly understand all the emotions and attributes which make YOU, but devouring a sense of assurance and showing faith in you, makes it all.

Nobody shames you for your actions or deeds done by you or onto others.

If you wish to prefer silence instead of trying to make your voice heard by your partner due to fear, it is absolutely unacceptable and dysfunctional in the very first place.

So set your basics right. Do choose your partners with lots of patience and precision. BECAUSE Catharsis can never be attained without the RIGHT PARTNER.


The author Chandrama Majumdar is an Educator, Mental Health Evangelist, and trusted Relationship Counsellor.

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