Class 11 Student Builds Solar Cycle to Water Plants & Irrigate Fields Without a Pump

Rachana Bodagu, a Class 11 student from Bengaluru, has innovated a solar cycle that helps farmers pump water without using any fuel or electricity.

When other class 11 students are busy with their studies and other activities, Rachana Bodagu has come up with an innovation of a solar cycle that helps farmers pump water into their fields without using any fuel or electricity.

Not only this, but Rachana is also an environmentalist herself. Along with her mentor and water warrior Anand Malligavad, Rachana has been working on the rejuvenation of Bengaluru’s Kommasandra Lake. They also planted a Miyawaki forest of 2,000 plants around the lake. But soon the duo realized that watering the plants in this forest is a herculean task. That is how Rachana came up with this innovation of the solar cycle. The solar cycle takes the water from the lake and irrigates the plants around it.

Rachana spent her own savings for buying the materials needed for the cycle. And with the help of her mentor built the cycle with poor farmers in her mind. She says that for many farmers in Karnataka, electricity comes only at night, and so they water their crops only at night. This is dangerous to them, and hence she has come up with the solution of the solar cycle, that will help them to water their plants in the daytime itself.

Rachana Bodagu is an inspiration for many students and adults alike. We wish her all the very best in her future endeavours. 

Credits: The Better India

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