Constantinides: Glamour’s Humanitarian Trailblazer

Constantinides Humanitarian Projects
Image courtesy: IOL News

Celebrating Female Trailblazers

Catherine Constantinides, a dedicated humanitarian and climate activist, emerged as a beacon of change at the recent Glamour Awards in Johannesburg.

Acknowledging Excellence Across Fields

The Glamour Awards, an annual event hosted by Glamour magazine, celebrated 12 outstanding women who have significantly impacted their respective fields.

Constantinides’ Impact on Global Issues

Constantinides, awarded the Humanitarian Game Changer accolade, has been a tireless advocate for food, energy, water security, and waste management.

A Journey of Global Influence

Having spoken at prestigious global platforms and served at the United Nations Human Rights Commission and Security Council, Constantinides’ influence resonates on an international scale.

Gratitude to Supporters and Heroes

Expressing her gratitude, Constantinides emphasized that the award belongs not to her alone but to those who supported her impactful journey.

A Tribute to Unsung Heroes

Acknowledging the frontline humanitarians without a platform, Constantinides dedicated the award to doctors and aid workers tirelessly serving humanity.

 Grace and Recognition

In a humble acknowledgment, she credited divine grace for the recognition, paying tribute to her young son for enabling her humanitarian endeavors.

Diverse Honorees at Glamour Awards

The Glamour Awards also recognized dynamic women such as Anele Mdoda, Mihlali Ndamase, Moozlie, and Bongiwe Msomi for their outstanding contributions.

Constantinides’ Noteworthy Accolades Among her numerous accolades, Constantinides has been named one of the “100 Mandela’s of The Future,” further solidifying her impact on societal change

Re-reported from the article originally published in The IOL News

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