Is being born Dalit my sin?

It is my parents who willed

I dreamt to be rich

And a life, having no end!

No poverty, I asked for

I wanted a good life

Folks said, ‘Go cut the grass,

Feeding cattle, for us to live

Four men attacked me at work

Bullies, men of upper caste

Wanting fun and sex at my cost

Chastity, dignity, and life, I lost

None bothered, my story gave

High TV channel rating

All the noise will die down

Fearing the power’s onslaught

I know fully well now,

The country seeks no daughters,

Yes, no Dalits too!

Both are dispensable, easily, anytime!

Dead I am now, killed

By men’s brute powers

And burnt alone by night

Why do I get treated thus?

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