Dear Human Being, Stop Reproducing

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Dear next generation, do not reproduce unless you can be sure that you are doing your duties of saving the planet!

Dear human beings, it’s high time that we stop reproducing. The earth is crying already. 

If you cannot leave the world a better place than before, kindly do not create more of your species. The planet doesn’t deserve humans who deplete. 

Please use condoms and preventive measures unless you are 200% sure that the baby you are about to create will be grown and nurtured to become better citizens and they will have enough resources to live. By resources, I didn’t mean the money or property that you made. I meant the air, water and soil. 

Environment sustainability and replenishment are possible only if we become more responsible for our actions. Instead of reproducing, try adopting if you really want to have a baby. And yes, there are millions of them already – orphans. I know this is a piece of drastic advice…Might not appeal to 99%. But the least you can do is to delay birthing and limit it to one. 

Of course, I was not given this advice by anyone when I was 20. Indeed I was given the reverse advice- to procreate as much since that makes a girl wholesome. Having birthed two kids with no clue of what parenting is and the carbon emissions of one human being, the toll it takes on the planet, the two things I can do is to advise this to my kids ( the next generation) and also nurture them to be a planet conscious citizen. 

So, here, Dear next generation, do not reproduce unless you can be sure that you are doing your duties of saving the planet! Do not heed to religious and political propaganda of constant reproduction which is meant for their own perpetuation with total disregard to the planet’s needs. Be a responsible Planetary citizen. Make this planet alive for the future. Climate change is real. It will vanish several species in the next few decades.  And humans might be one of them. 

The lifetime carbon footprint of an average human being exceeds 20 tonnes.

#Sustainability comes in every small action of yours.:

  1. Buy things that are of utmost necessity. 
  2. Share resources. Reduce, recycle, reuse.
  3. Travel only for leisure. 
  4. Work from home. 
  5. Use electric vehicles. 
  6. Cut paper usage. 
  7. Eat food which is natural. 
  8. Reduce industries which harm the planet. 

P.S: All the above are my opinions and I stand by them, no matter what counter advice you give me or throw stones at my viewpoint.

-Dr Chandra Vadhana (Written on Facebook)




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