There have been instances where Princess Diana, the Princess of Wales, was said to have broken royal protocol during her time in the British Royal Family. However, the concept of the royal protocol can be
somewhat vague and is subject to interpretation.

One example of a breach of protocol attributed to Princess Diana is her decision to give birth to her son William at St. Mary’s Hospital in London, rather than at home in the royal residence. This move was considered a break from tradition, as royal births had traditionally taken place at

Another example of a breach of protocol was when Princess Diana shook hands with an AIDS patient at a hospital in the late 1980s. At the time, there was still a great deal of fear and stigma surrounding the
disease and members of the royal family were expected to maintain a certain distance from those who were infected.

However, it should be noted that the British royal family has never had an official written protocol, and many of the rules that are attributed to the royal protocol are more a matter of tradition and etiquette. As such, it is up to individual members of the family to decide how strictly they want to adhere to these customs.

Furthermore, it could be argued that Princess Diana’s perceived breaches of the protocol were actually attempts to modernize and humanize the royal family. Her decision to give birth in a hospital, for example, may have been an attempt to show that members of the royal family are not infallible and that they experience the same joys and challenges of childbirth as any other family.

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