French Open 2023 Disqualifications

Image credit: Wion News

 In a regrettable turn of events at the French Open 2023, tennis players Miyu Kato from Japan and Aldila Sutjiadi from Indonesia were disqualified from the tournament after unintentionally hitting a ballgirl during their match. The incident occurred during a crucial moment in the second set, leaving both players shocked and concerned for the well-being of the young ballgirl.

The unfortunate accident unfolded when Kato, attempting a powerful forehand, lost control of her racket, resulting in the ball flying off-course and striking the unsuspecting ballgirl. Sutjiadi, standing on the opposite side of the court, also expressed deep remorse as her attempted return shot veered off-target and added to the unfortunate sequence of events. Spectators and officials rushed to the aid of the ballgirl, ensuring her immediate medical attention.

While Kato and Sutjiadi immediately rushed to apologize, the tournament officials were left with no choice but to disqualify both players due to the unintentional nature of the incident and the potential risk it posed to the safety of those involved. The decision, although disappointing for the players and their fans, reinforces the tournament’s commitment to player and spectator safety.

In the aftermath of the incident, Kato and Sutjiadi expressed their sincere apologies once again, emphasizing that their actions were completely accidental and unintended. Both players acknowledged the importance of prioritizing safety in tennis and stated their willingness to cooperate fully with any investigations or further consequences resulting from the incident.

Re-reported from the article originally published in Wion News.

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