Don’t run behind lavish job titles or the illusion of fancy work


When we think of careers, we paint a picture that we must do steps 1, 2, and 3 to reach our final destination. But often, this can frustrate us when the progress doesn’t come as the steps go.

And this thinking is what Lulu Raghavan broke out of. She is the Managing Director of Landor & Fitch India, Mumbai, and has been in the business of building brands since 1997. She joined as a Naming and Brand Strategist at Landor and rose the ranks.

She mentioned in an interview how one of the challenges was to show relevant work during the initial stages of work. Every client would want to see proof of work, and most clients wish for an international experience. Lulu and her team could convince their clients, given the global resources they put to work, including on local projects in India because of the collective skills they had built over the years.

When we run behind titles or the illusion of fancy work, we miss out on building skills that would help us in the long run.

As Lulu says, “Don’t be in a hurry to earn titles. Be in a hurry to build competence and conviction in your capabilities.”

And through building competence, we learn our natural working style and understand how we can provide value. This is what drives people, projects, and opportunities in our way.

So, how are you upskilling yourself to become competent in the market?

#100DaysofWomenRoleModels is a series created by LinkedIn writer Sukita Tapadia, about strong Indian women, right among us. Through her series, Sukita aims to highlight the stories of these role-model-worthy women and celebrate their lives.
(The views are personal, and these stories are based upon secondary research)

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