Eden Food Space: Conquering Kitchen Chaos with Zest for Busy Moms


For mothers, whether working or not, ensuring the best and healthiest food choices for their families is a vital task. Yet, it’s not as simple as it may seem – a process that can be both overwhelming and exciting, especially for newcomers. Given the situation, who wouldn’t appreciate the convenience of instant mix packs that are not only easy but also 100% natural? Princy Mathews has emerged as a savior for all those mothers grappling with day-to-day responsibilities. A mother of three herself, she has made it feasible for us to save time and care for ourselves by introducing her line of instant mix products.

Princy Mathews, an MBA graduate and a mother herself, understands the challenges of balancing cooking and family care, especially with a young child. To simplify her weekends, she began preparing instant mixes that would streamline her cooking during the hectic weekdays. With strong faith, Princy felt a divine calling to explore the world of instant mixes. She had a natural inclination to cater to societal needs and uplift women through feasible means.

Quick Dinner Recipes for Busy Moms
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As the pioneer entrepreneur in her family, the journey was entirely new for her. The process – from registering licenses to making her first product delivery – unfolded like a story. She took cautious steps and learned invaluable lessons from her mistakes. At the start, she faced challenges such as limited capital and skepticism from extended family members. But her strong belief in the higher power and the constant help from her husband kept her going. Slowly, she ventured into online business registration, while her husband managed inventory and offline operations. Thus, in August 2022, Eden Food Space came into being.

Eden Food Space brings forth delectable, wholesome food directly to homes. Its primary focus is on working and new mothers who seek to provide a nourishing diet despite their busy schedules. The product lineup includes Instant Pancake Mixes, Instant Payasam Mixes, and Instant Chutney Mixes such as Dosa Chutney Podi and Coconut Chutney. They also offer Instant Sambar and Bajji Mixes among other options. Their manufacturing facility is located in Kalamassery, Kerala.

Princy started by selling products in Ernakulam, Kerala, through local stores. But delivering via courier was tough. Pracol changed things – it broadened her reach. Her journey to becoming a Prayojika at Pracol felt like destiny, as she believes Pracol was a godsend opportunity. This was important to Princy, who strongly supports women’s empowerment. With Pracol, she aims to achieve more and offer top-notch, healthy food for all mothers.

Explore and taste the goodness of Princy’s JustEat Instant mixes at Edenfoodspace’s home page: Pracol

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