Finding the Balance: Fashion and Comfort in Clothing Choices


Fashion refers to the style, trends, and aesthetics of clothing and accessories. Fashion is often associated with creativity, self-expression, and individuality.

Mostly it is assumed that fashion and comfort cannot go hand in hand. Most predominant ideas of fashion are associated with body-fitted stylish clothing paired with high heels. However, we need to reconsider this notion. Sometimes simple yet elegantly styled clothes leave more impact.

Comfortable clothing is typically considered to be loose-fitted, made from soft and breathable materials, and designed for ease of movement. But who says it cannot look fashionable? It is important to strike a balance between fashion and comfort when making clothing choices. Clothing that is both fashionable and comfortable can help individuals express their personal style while also promoting physical comfort and well-being.

Wearing tight clothes, and high heels, and applying heavy make-up can make you uncomfortable by restricting movement, causing foot pain, and being conscious. Prioritizing fashion over comfort can contribute to unrealistic beauty standards and the pressure to conform to a certain body type or style.
Whatever you wear should enhance your personality. While deciding your wardrobe a few things need to be kept in mind.

Create your own Style: Firstly, understand what you like. Do not force yourself to like what everyone else is wearing. It does not mean that you keep on dressing in an old-fashioned manner. Let us understand it through an example. These days most Indians are inclined towards Western clothes. Even if we like Indian attires like kurtas or sarees, we sometimes feel forced to shift to Western clothing. I think here
we need to take a stand for ourselves. We can style our kurtas differently. We can incorporate stylish necks, and different cuts, and style those with different kinds of pants available in the market. We only need to be creative. Kurtas with noodle straps look elegant yet fashionable.

Right Footwear: Carefully selected footwear adds to the final look. For casual outings, you can go for Kolhapuri chappals or some similar kind of footwear. For the workplace get some formal but comfortable low-heel footwear. For parties, go for trendy sleek and high heel sandals or bellies.

Dress up according to the occasion: Always choose clothes according to the occasion. Try to choose comfortable clothing for the workplace, casual outings, and traveling as it will keep you carefree. For other events, try to understand what type of event it is and what would be appropriate. There also you do not have to wear what everyone else is wearing. Use your creativity and wear something that goes with your personality as well as the event. If you cannot think of anything then keep it simple yet elegant. That will never go wrong.

Ease: Also consider your ease to carry stylish clothing. Adjusting your clothes repeatedly in public is not a good idea. It does not leave a good impression.

Keep it Simple: The key lies in keeping it minimal. Do not add too many accessories if the dress is too stylish. If the dress is simple and not too blingy then accentuate it by adding a piece of jewellery and/or a nice pair of footwear.

Do not copy: Do not try to copy others. Use your own creativity. Everyone has a different personality and a different aura. It may not suit you what is suiting the other person. Moreover, try to be unique.

Dress up as per your body type: Keeping in mind your body type while selecting the outfit is the most important. Everyone cannot carry all outfits. And we need to accept that. People having fat at belly should go for flared or A-line dresses. Choose outfits that cover up your flaws rather than accentuating those.

Climate: Depending on the climate and weather conditions, practicality and functionality may need to take priority over fashion and comfort. For example, during extreme cold or heat, clothing that provides warmth or breathability may be necessary for physical comfort and safety.

Give Saree a try: Unfortunately, this most graceful outfit is taking a back seat. I agree it takes more time to drape a saree but it’s worth it. Nothing is more graceful than a saree. It is the only piece of clothing that suits all body types. Also, it is the only outfit that can be styled in many ways. It can be styled in a glamorous way or in a conservative elegant way. It is suitable to wear at any place. Be it a marriage, any important event at the workplace, or a normal day at work. It is just that we must select the saree as per the occasion.

Groom Yourself: The most important one. Pay attention to yourself. Get a nice haircut. Take care of your skin. Try to find a skincare routine that suits you. Keep your hands and feet in good shape. Get a manicure and pedicure done. Trust me well-kept hands and feet play a very important role in your overall personality.

While fashion can provide a sense of self-expression and individuality, comfort is essential for physical well-being and can also have a positive impact on mental health. It is important to find a balance that works for everyone, taking into account personal style, physical comfort, and overall well-being.

Sakshi Khurana is a fashion enthusiast and emphasizes the significance of appearance in forming initial impressions. With a passion for designing clothing, she has the experience of running a thriving women’s apparel business.

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