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One fine morning, I opened Instagram and for the first time, I see the wonders that a group of basic words can do.

“If you want to be successful in your life, first learn to make your bed!”

This particular quote changed my perspective!

That, my dear sisters, is what I want to say. If you want to be successful in your life, start from where you rest, you dream, you take a break!

To all the queens out there, my friends who’re trying hard to get up, get dressed ,and get a life ,create a space for themselves, break the toxic, yet repeating, patterns at home, at work, among friends, or anywhere and to all the woman who’ve been labelled by the “almighties” of our society as ‘rebellious’, just because you speak your minds out, I cannot  even find words to say how proud I am of people like you, people like us!

I’m proud of such people because even though they’ve seen the true colours of theworld, they still have hope and faith in their potential. They believe that one day they’ll do it, achieve whatever they dream, be whoever they want to be, own their lives, conquer the world, be irreplaceable and above all be their own heroes!

This is how I see it. We have an immense power. A power that every human being has but very few realise! And that, ladies, is the power to EVOLVE into anyone that you wish to become. For that , we’ll have to rise to the occasion and then maybe fail miserably , rise again and quite possible fail again .But the important thing is to make sure that each time we fail, we learn the lessons and gain the experience we wouldn’t even have imagined of, if we hadn’t tried.

And yes, sometimes the stuff we want might not even be close to what is fated to be for us. But the funny story about life is that we have no idea ,do we? We have no idea what’s meant for us .I often wonder how simple and different life would’ve been if we got to know our destiny .So we wouldn’t make mistakes in our life because we already know what’s going to happen .But we all know that’s not how life works. So how does it work then? The way I see it, mistakes and changes are the only constant entities in our lives .So if we feel that the mistakes we made in our past are still following

us everywhere we go, there is one thing we could always do other than be haunted by them forever .We could realize that no matter how passionately we hold on to them, they are actually really gone and yet all we’re doing is trying to be defined by them. That’s exactly where we have to start.

I’m only 17. But I’m sure every single girl who likes to be different ,wished to be different and lived different has come face to face with criticism, loneliness, embarrassment and insecurities. But remember, these are the problems that are absolutely unfamiliar to the people who haven’t even tried! Now I say that all we have to do is STOP looking out to the world, to the society, for answers to the questions that you should be asking yourselves! Because I think we’ve misinterpreted the meaning of the word “cool girl” or “chic”. I think those words actually represent girls, women, who are courageous enough to face their own emotions ,deal with their own insecurities without projecting them to the people around, woman who are dependent on none but themselves, woman who have clarity about who they are and what they want out of this one epic journey that’s our life!

So, my friends, instead of feeling insecure about speaking out what you really think, instead of doubting your potential just because some jealous person teased you for being different or because some narcissist tried to cut your wings down, believe in yourself and realize that people are talking behind your back only because YOU STAND APART, YOU ARE DIFFERENT! You made your choice and stood up for yourself because you had the guts for it, which many people seriously have to work on. You took responsibility for your life because you are original. And if that doesn’t make you efficient, irreplaceable and confident, then I don’t know what does!

This leads me to my ONE PRECIOUS RULE. If you want to be your own hero, if you want to have a life of your own, have complete responsibility for, then you cannot be afraid of criticism ,changes and failure. Keep your head high, rely on no one but yourself and get ready to go to whatever extent you can until you see that you have everything you’ve ever wanted for in your life. And contrary to popular opinion, you are NEVER too late to go get it, girl!

Ms. Aswathy Rakesh
Class IX



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