This horoscope is based on the Moon sign. The zodiac sign in which the Moon was at the time of a person’s birth is the same Moon sign. If your Dasha and Antardasha (Ruling planet’s Period) are auspicious, then it will become more auspicious for you. If the Dasha-Antardasha is of an inauspicious planet, then there will be a slight reduction in the auspicious effects. If you do not know the Moon sign, kindly read the July 2023 horoscope with your name’s first alphabet.

ARIES: Aries (Ch, Che, Cho, La, Li, Le, Lo, and A)

This month is favorable for your professional life. You will find yourself in a position to execute your ideas. Healthy competition at work will motivate you to do your best. You will spend money on luxuries but will feel the pressure by the end of the month. Financial matters will be under your control and proper planning will bring relief soon. There may be some strained moments in your personal life. Try to remain patient and do not lash out. Your health will be fine this month. Try to meditate to control your stress.

TAURUS: (Ei, U, O, Li, Vi, Ve, Va and Vo)

You will face pressure to meet the deadlines at work. Make sure you do not make any mistakes under this pressure. You may not get much support from your coworkers. Your financial situation will be average. Do not lend money to anyone this month. Make sure you do not bring the stress of work home, or it will disturb the harmony in your personal life. You need to balance your work and home life. Your health will also be average, and one or two days in the middle of this month may be difficult. Moral support from a close relationship will help you stay strong.

GEMINI: (K, Ki, Kee, Gh, Ch, Ke, KO)

This month will have mixed results. You may face some unexpected problems at work that may slow down your progress. You may have to work hard to keep up with your competitors. Your financial situation may not meet your expectations. Although you will have some relief from the previous month, it may not be enough to satisfy you. Your personal life may not be very exciting this month. You may be busy with other tasks and not able to focus fully on this important aspect of your life. To maintain your health, try to stay calm and not stress yourself out by trying to please everyone.

CANCER: (He, Hu, He, Ho, Da, De, Dee, Do)

This month is not very favorable for your professional life. Your competitors may challenge you and try to undermine you. To keep your position strong at work, you may have to think outside the box and show the best of your creativity and talent. Your financial situation may also be uncomfortable. You may have to ask for financial help from your family or friends. You may face some confusion in your personal life. You need to deal with it practically, or it may affect your health as well. Try to communicate openly and maintain harmony in your relationships.

LEO: (M, Me, Mi, Ma, Mo, T, Ti, Tee, Ta)

 You must be a bit more careful at your workplace. Make sure you do not give a loose statement about anyone at the workplace. The time is a bit tough so you should concentrate completely on your work only.  

This month would be average in terms of money. You would be struggling with unnecessary expenditure. Money is likely to be spent on medicines. It may be for some family members. You may feel emotionally low as unnecessary arguments may lead to difficulties in your love or married life. You may feel that the issue is not big and can be sorted. Don’t let ego come in between.

VIRGO: (To, P, Pe, Pi, Th, Pe, Pee, Po)

The first half of the month is better for your professional life. Try to finish your important tasks in the first half only. In the second half, you may face new challenges at work. You should be careful of your rivals. You should also be very careful with your paperwork. This month is average and requires some compromises on financial matters. You may feel some financial stress and think seriously about managing your money better. Your personal life may bring you some relief. You will enjoy some quality time and feel relaxed. Your health will be fine, but you need to be disciplined in your diet and exercise.

LIBRA: (R, Ri, Ro, Ho, Ta, Ti, Tu, Ta)

This month will be average for you in terms of your professional life. You may work hard, but the results may not match your efforts. You should try to stay patient and not let any negative thoughts affect you. Your financial situation this month will be much better than the previous month. Your expenses will decrease, and you will feel relieved. You will be happy with your personal life. Your partner’s unconditional support will boost your confidence. Your health will be fine.

SCORPIO: (To, N, Ne, Ni, No, Ya, Yee, Yu)

Some new developments are expected at your workplace this month. You may either need some help, or your opponents may be active. You may have a busy schedule in completing the necessary tasks. The month demands careful handling of the finances. There may not be much stress, but it is important to save for the future. Health would be fine but make sure you are not ignorant about your routine. The month will end with some happy notes in terms of your personal life. You will realize that small compromises are needed to maintain harmony in a relationship and would now do that happily.

SAGITTARIUS: (Ya, Yo, B, Bhi, Bhee, Bhu, Dha, Fa/Pha, Dha)

This month is favorable for your career. You may find opportunities in front of you. Your efforts will pay off, and you will be in a comfortable position. Try to help your subordinates and coworkers. Your financial situation seems to be good. Your health will be fine, but you will be more careful. This month requires a lot of patience from you to maintain harmony in your married life. Try to stay calm and avoid unnecessary arguments.

CAPRICORN: (Bho, J, Ji/Jee, Khi/Khee, Khe, Kho, G, Gi/Gee)

The planets are favorable for you this month. Your work will be appreciated, which will boost your confidence. If you have to make any important decision, make sure that you get a second opinion. The month will be above average in terms of your financial situation. You will be able to cover all your expenses. You can also plan for some savings. If you feel any discomfort in your health, do not ignore it and see a specialist. Differences of opinion on various topics will disturb the harmony of your relationships.

AQUARIUS: (Gu, Gae, Go, Sa, Si, Su, Sai, So, D)

The month seems to be good for your career. You may have to focus on many things at once. You may feel energetic, but make sure you do not get into any argument at work. Your work will be recognized and appreciated. Your financial situation will be under your control this month. You will spend some money on your happiness. Your health will not bother you this month and you will feel energetic. The month is good for your personal relationships. You will seek cooperation from your family to cope with your busy schedule at work.

PISCES: (Dee, Du, Th, Jh, Da, Dai, Cha, Chee)

You will be satisfied with your career progress. Do not get too excited or you may make mistakes. Do not reveal your ideas before they are finished. You will tend to spend money on your comfort and desires. Try to focus on saving as well. Your health will be good, and you will have some adventure. Make sure you do not let your mood swings affect your relationships. Talking with your spouse or beloved may give you some brilliant ideas.

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