From the Editor’s Desk- Jan’23

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As we enter the first month of 2023, I find myself looking forward to a year that will see the world transform in big and small ways. However, this time I also find myself sitting with all the lessons the year 2022 has taught me.

Talking to womenfolk around tells me that the most rational resolution they have for the year 2023 is to create better boundaries for themselves. When you decide to set boundaries of your own, you change the way you are seen by people around you because you come across as strong and resolute.

You create and launch new beginnings and limits. You set an example of the courage of what it looks like when a strong, masterly, formidable woman heeds her aspirations and her needs.

Mindfully surrounding yourself with people who love you, have your back, and are cheering for you through thick and thin is what is going to make this year count high in your life.

Sending you warm wishes and love for a sparkling, fabulous new year.


Neha Srivastava

Executive Editor

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