From Rs 2500 to 11 Lakhs this Woman Entrepreneur’s Journey to Success

Woman Entrepreneur Anubhuti Jain Mishra’s brand Anubhuti – An Experience sells affordable natural skin, hair care and baby care products

When she started her Venture, 32-year-old Anubhuti Jain Mishra had started with Rs 2500 for the raw materials and began to make natural lip butters in late 2020. She posted pictures of her products on Instagram and Facebook, and took them to local exhibitions. It took no time for her business, Anubhuti- An Experience to flourish.

It was her customer’s support and encouragement that prompted Anubhuti to venture into natural soaps, essential oils, body care, hair care and baby care products. All her products are fully natural and free of sulphates and parabens. And they are priced between 199 to 499. The price range is her unique selling point. Even though there are other similar products in the market, all of them are expensive and not easily affordable for the common person. Anubhuti has priced her item keeping mothers and college going students in mind. An affordable natural range of products was her goal.

Anubhuti was previously working for Google. Her life came to a standstill when her son was born with a Kidney issue. She had to resign from her job to take care of her son. The pregnancy and childbirth had also taken a toll on Anubhuti’s skin and hair. And the already available products in the market made no change. That is how she ventured into making products for herself.

Anubhuti says it was not easy for her as a woman entrepreneur. Most people did not take her seriously and family and friends would ask her to not do the business and take care of her sick son or go back to her engineering job. However, Anubhuti persisted and now her brand has sold more than one lakh units and clocked a net profit of Rs 11 lakh since the beginning of the brand. At present, Anubhuti’s product quality is being audited by the International Standardisation organisation (ISO) and is likely to receive the certification in the next few months.

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