Global Goddesses: Tips for Women to Thrive in Location-Independent Work

Location-Independent Work
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The ability to earn an income from anywhere, regardless of where you reside and your nationality, is a gift made possible by today’s digital world. Plenty of professionals are adopting this location-independent work arrangement—and for good reason.

While this alternative work setup offers flexibility and increased career opportunities, it also comes with its own set of challenges. And in this article, we’ll share the top tips to help you tackle these challenges and thrive in the virtual workplace.

Tip #1: Invest in continuous learning and development.

Focusing on your growth and development shows commitment and helps establish the expertise you need. You’re competing in a global talent pool, so you need more effort to stand out to recruiters.

Prioritize improving on the skills that can help you become the go-to person for your chosen field. This includes attending training sessions, reading books for digital nomads, and doing your own research. It also means keeping an ear on the ground for the industry’s best practices and emerging trends.

Tip #2: Equip yourself with the right tools.

As a location-independent worker, you need to be responsible for the tools you use. You don’t have physical access to an office that houses extra wiring, outlets, and spare computers. You need to prepare your own remote work toolkit.

Make sure you have an updated laptop computer that will allow you to work from anywhere. If you’re planning to become a digital nomad, always check the connectivity options of the place you’re traveling to. You may also want to consider getting a universal SIM card as a backup mobile data connection provider.

Working remotely also means you’re responsible for your productivity. Identify ways and tools you can use to create a productive work environment wherever you are. This can mean using noise-canceling headphones or a foldable laptop riser.

Tip #3: Cultivate a global mindset.

Location-independent work allows for diversity and inclusivity. Collaborating with culturally-diverse teams can be challenging. But you need to embrace this. Don’t be afraid to welcome your peers’ different perspectives and experiences for more creative problem-solving. Doing so also helps enrich your own way of thinking.

Tip #4: Set boundaries and take better control of your time.

Being able to work from anywhere, anytime, is a great plus. But without boundaries, work can easily creep into other parts of a remote worker’s life. When this happens, you may be unable to make the most out of this awesome career option, and your overall well-being can be negatively impacted.

Don’t be afraid to set healthy boundaries between time for work and time for personal life. Consider time blocking. Set time blocks for productive work, self-care, family time, and so on. This can help you manage your time better and become more productive. You can allow yourself to focus better on what you need to do, whether it’s to meet deadlines or rest your body and mind.


According to Deloitte’s Women at Work 2023 report, flexibility is a top factor for women’s career decisions. This is something that location-independent work offers. But while this work arrangement provides flexibility and a host of other benefits, it’s not a walk in the park. You must be prepared to strive to thrive in a diverse yet competitive virtual workplace. Hopefully, the above tips can help you do just that.

-Katie Pierce, a teacher-writer, captivates audiences with her diverse storytelling. From education to fashion, she finds solace and quiet enjoyment in writing about a range of topics.

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