How To Be A Bawse: A Guide To Conquering Life by Lilly Singh

I started this book, sceptically to be honest. We all have tried one or the other self-help book at some point in our lives, let’s be real. But in true Lilly Singh fashion, she took me by surprise. The book has a different edge to it. This is not the usual self-help book that promises overnight motivation.

This book takes a whole new take on success and says the truth as it is. The author is quite clear and proud in stating that she reached her success through nothing but sheer HARDWORK. So if you are looking for a quick fix to success, this book is going to disappoint you as the author is keeping things real. Like the warning the author gives –  “This book does not include hopeful thoughts, lucky charms and cute quotes. That’s because success, happiness and everything else in life needs to fought for – not wished for”.

Using stories from her own life to illustrate her message, Lilly proves that there are no shortcuts to success. The point that struck with me the most was, “The only thing worth fighting for in your life is your Happiness”. This small and powerful sentence made me think on how we perceive life and success in our society.

The ideas and message in this book are not conventional and I might go as far to say controversial. By the end of this book, you get to read a different and diverse take on success (please keep in mind for each individual the idea of success is different) and motivation in a sassy and fun way.

This is Lilly Singh’s first book, from an actress, comedian and a YouTube sensation (aka IISuperwomanII), a documentary and now having a late night show on NBS, she does know a bit or two about success and hard work. In Lilly’s words, there are no escalators in life, only stairs.

I would definitely recommend this book to all women out there as it breaks apart the stereotypical ideas and notions of motivation and self-love which I think women forget in the daily hustle of life.

Ms.Anita R Nair
HR professional

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