Hyderabad IITian – leading the futuristic V2X technology


Pratyusha Tammineni(26) an Electrical Engineer from IIT-Hyderabad is the first from the campus along with her friend Vipul Jindal to get placed in the Japan based MNC Suzuki Motor Corporation as Research and Development Engineer. 

It is quite inspiring to know that currently, Pratyusha is leading the team of 20 members along with her friend in the futuristic V2X (Vehicle To Everything) Communication technology project at IIT-Hyderabad, where she recently presented the demonstration of the vehicles installed with this technology on behalf of Suzuki Motors .

V2X Communication technology is the leading cloud based virtual collision technology, is used for smart manufacturing of smart vehicles, in which Japan is currently positioning itself as a world leader in this arena. 

Pratyusha on behalf of Suzuki Motors has showcased the first of its five prototype vehicles with experimental applications of this V2X communication technology in the Indian context. As part of this she showcased the following applications of V2X technology.

These are – ‘Ambulance alerting system’, where car drivers are alerted of the approaching ambulance on their way. ‘Pedestrian alerting system’, where the car driver is alerted of the nearby pedestrians who would be coming in the way of the car.

Also ‘Road condition alerting system’, where the car drivers are alerted of the bad road conditions and traffic congestion along their way, and ‘car as a computer scenario’, where cpu’s of the cars when in idle can be connected to single cloud and can be used as supercomputer used for in many research projects.

According to the statistics India possesses the third largest road network with roughly 300 million vehicles.And also delayed ambulances are causing 30% deaths. In light of this, the V2X technology, which does real time analysis of road conditions,helps in reducing road accidents and traffic congestion is a step in the right direction.

Anusha Pappala

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