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The crew of INSV Tarini, consisting of six members including two courageous women officers, Lt Cdr Dilna K and Lt Cdr Roopa A, successfully completed a ground breaking trans-ocean inter-continental voyage, spanning an impressive 17,000 nautical miles over six months. The crew’s return to Goa was celebrated in a flag-in ceremony attended by notable figures such as Union Minister for Women and Child Development, Smriti Irani, and Chief Minister of Goa, Pramod Sawant.

Lt Cdr Dilna K, originally from Kerala, shared her excitement about this adventurous journey, expressing her passion for sailing and her eagerness to participate in this remarkable expedition. The crew’s next ambition is to train for the Navy’s upcoming solo circumnavigation of the globe, demonstrating their unwavering dedication and determination.

The voyage on board INSV Tarini presented its own set of challenges, including sailing through a severe storm near the South African coast. Despite the storm’s intensity, the crew demonstrated resilience and teamwork, repairing the sail and continuing their journey. Lt Cdr Roopa A emphasized the importance of maintenance and vigilance while at sea, where winds can change rapidly.

The crew’s daily routine involved maintaining the sailboat, keeping watch for changes in weather, and staying connected with loved ones through a limited broadband connection. Lt Cdr Dilna K highlighted the significance of equipment maintenance, while Lt Cdr Roopa A described the experience of watch-keeping and recording hourly logs.

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