Jyotsana Singh Kaushik
Jyotsana Singh Kaushik Image Credit: Economic Times/Auto

Volvo Car India has announced the appointment of Jyotsana Singh Kaushik as the new Director of Marketing and Public Relations, marking a strategic move to strengthen its leadership team. In her new role, Jyotsana Singh Kaushik is poised to play a pivotal role in steering the marketing and PR initiatives for the renowned automotive brand in the Indian market.

With a wealth of experience in the marketing and public relations domain, Jyotsana Singh Kaushik brings a dynamic and strategic approach to her role at Volvo Car India. Her proven track record in crafting effective marketing campaigns and fostering positive public relations makes her a valuable addition to the company’s leadership cadre.

In an era where effective communication is integral to a brand’s success, Jyotsana Singh Kaushik’s role becomes increasingly crucial. Her responsibilities will extend to crafting compelling narratives, engaging with stakeholders, and reinforcing Volvo’s brand image in the competitive Indian automotive landscape.

Jyotsana Singh Kaushik’s appointment aligns with Volvo’s global commitment to environmental sustainability and safety, and her role is anticipated to align marketing and PR efforts with these overarching brand values.

With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and customer engagement, Volvo Car India continues to reinforce its commitment to delivering excellence in the automotive sector, and Jyotsana Singh Kaushik’s appointment is a testament to this ongoing pursuit of leadership and distinction in the Indian market.

Repurposed article originally published in Economic Times/ Times of India

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