7-Year-Old Max Alexander Redefines Fashion with His Unique Talent

Image source: The Free Press Journal

Max Alexander, a seven-year-old boy from the US, is making headlines for his incredible talent as a fashion designer. Max believes that he was Gucci in his previous life and has been designing clothes since he was just four years old. His creations have been worn by people around the world, including celebrities.

Max’s passion for fashion was discovered by his family during a dinner conversation when he announced that he needed a mannequin. His mother, Sherry Madison, recalls being surprised by his interest but quickly realized that he had a unique talent.

Max draws inspiration from the ocean and nature, and his favorite colors are gold and burgundy. He looks up to designers such as Dior and Gucci for their creativity and style.

Aside from fashion, Max loves to engage in various activities such as tennis, swimming, skiing, cooking, science, math, and art. When it comes to designing, Max doesn’t usually sketch his ideas. Instead, he prefers to drape his creations on a dress form and repin them to sew.

Re-reported from the story originally published in The Free Press Journal

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