Meet Hillary Yip – World’s Youngest CEO Who Launched Her Startup Just At The Age Of 10

Hillary Yip

Hillary founded MinorMynas when she was 10 with a vision to revolutionize how children learn languages from each other in a safe environment

When most children around the ages of 10-15 spend their days by watching TV, playing with friends, and carrying heavy school bags, Hillary Yip made an exception by launching her startup at a mere age of 10! 

The youngest CEO in the world hails from Hong Kong and like every other kid had quite a struggle while learning Mandarin. This is when her mother sent her to a summer camp in Taiwan to improve her Chinese. Her experience in the camp was such a life-changing one that she knew she had to create an online version of it; thus she came up with MinorMynas.

MinorMynas is an online educational platform that aims to revolutionize how children learn languages from each other in a safe environment. With her structured ideas and the help of her mother, Hillary presented her project in 2015 and was named the winner of the AIA Emerging Entrepreneur Awards. 

Designed by a kid for the kids, with this online educational platform, Hillary hopes the openness of children can lead to a world of fewer cultural misunderstandings and negative stereotypes. Just as she had envisioned, MinorMynas now connects children from over 60 different countries, as a result, they can impart knowledge on the topics they’re passionate about as well as gain valuable understanding of other cultures. 

Children use the app to discuss a variety of topics, from coding to bullying to autism. Today they talk about the pandemic and how to protect themselves,” Hilary explained before a massive audience at the Global Women’s Forum Dubai 2020.

While the youngest entrepreneur thinks it’s too early to call herself successful, Hillary credits the achievements she has made so far to the supportive entrepreneur network in Hong Kong. Moreover, her success is quite evident from the fact that she has featured on several media platforms like BBC, CCTV, Yitiao, Yeti and the South China Morning Post. Besides, she has also appeared at TEDx stages, as well as events hosted by HSBC and Microsoft. 

With a mission toward fostering cultural awareness with the help of language learning, Hillary plans to work with other providers. “In our second version, which is in its final stages, we plan to launch parent communities since the exchange between an international group of parents does not exist today,” Hillary stated. 

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