Meet the Mentor – Session with Ms. Keziah Thomas on 22 January 2022

Prayaana conducted a Meet the Mentor session for the members of the Community. The session was led by Ms. Keziah Thomas, the Co-founder and Chief Mentor at Prayaana. She introduced the concept of “Mentoring” for women who wish to return to careers after a break and explained how a mentor can help them clarify their goals, identify their strengths, and guide them on getting placements. The session was quite interactive with the Community members raising questions on resume building, interview facing, upskilling, adapting to work culture, balancing home responsibilities with work, and many aspects of the returnship process. Ms. Deepa Perumal, COO of PEAKS Academy also pitched in about the various online courses available in the e-Learning platform which can be helpful for the C2C ladies. The session lasted for 1.5 hours and received good feedback from the participants.

-Deepa Perumal



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