Mom Power Beena Mansoor.

Ms.Sujatha Unnikrishnan

We have onboarded a set of efficient mentors, as part of the ‘coming back to career’ mission of Prayaana, who share their accumulated wisdom and expertise with the mentees. For those who have lost halfway through their career or for those who wanted to nurture a goal, this mentorship for sure is a light at the end of that tunnel. Beena Mansoor is one such mentor who is empowered with high motivational skills and has a proven record in hand holding. Hailing from an orthodox family, Beena broke the barriers when she decided to continue with her academics and started to pursue what she felt, will give her happiness and satisfaction in the end.

Beena’s life is all about ‘mother power’ – how a mother protects and stands for her children when the situation demands. If it was not for her mother’s desire to see her as a graduate, Beena would not have come up this far in her life. She had a dynamic college life at Maharaja’s college where she also held the positions of association secretary, secretary of planning, and also dispelled her duty as a member of women cell. She scored good marks for graduation and looked forward to taking up a course in Journalism. But according to what was customary in those days she soon entered into family life. From then on for ten years she led a life of a dedicated housewife tending her children and looking after her family.

Life takes unexpected turns and we never know which way the wind blows! When started schooling, her daughter had difficulty in learning the Malayalam language. And Beena immediately knew the struggle that her daughter was undergoing, as she too had her own share in the past. While discussing the predicament with her friend the possibility of learning disability came up and Beena started to explore and research about learning disability and decided to learn and delve more into the subject. The mother in her emerged and she wanted to support her daughter in every possible way and that motivate her to get enrolled with ALDI and she completed the course.

She found many parents like her sailing the same boat , who needed support in tackling the issue. She did her first counselling course at MG university and then there was no turning back. It was as if she had found her true passion. She left no stone unturned in her quest, to know more about counselling and psychology. She mastered the techniques of transactional analysis and NLP and meanwhile took her MA in sociology. Currently, she is doing a PG in counselling and family therapy.

All said and done, for Beena, it was not a cakewalk. When she decided to come out of the cocoon, many raised their eyebrows, but her husband and family stood behind her like rock. Beena and her friends– all mothers, have formed a small charity group extending help regarding education and health, for the needy. She has more arrows in her quiver and her dream is to start a Happiness clinic– a clinic where our true assets, the mind, body, and soul are cleansed and strengthened for a better fruitful life.



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