This horoscope is based on the Moon sign. The zodiac sign in which the Moon was at the time of a person’s birth, is the same Moon sign. If your Dasha and Antardasha (Ruling planet’s Period) are auspicious, then they will become more auspicious for you. If the Dasha-Antardasha is of an inauspicious planet, then there will be a slight reduction in the auspicious effects. If you do not know the Moon sign, kindly read the horoscope with your name’s first alphabet.

ARIES: Aries (Ch, Che, Cho, La, Li, Le, Lo, and A)        

Taking care of consistency is the need of this month. Be vigilant at the work front between 9th March and 13th March in any case. Making important decisions is not advisable on any front. A new source of income may start or an increase in remuneration will be prominent. Month needs careful handling of finances too. Take care of the emotions of a spouse as well as beloved whatever the case would be and give importance to his/her emotions. Keep a special check on your mood swings and sharp reactions throughout the month.

Here are some dos and don’ts for the month:

– Believe in the thumb rule “let me help” but with patience.

– Don’t go for complicated ways.

TAURUS : (Ei, U, O, Li, Vi, Ve, Va and Vo)

The month is fine for each sector, but sharp reactions may spoil everything. Work hard to maintain soft speech. If you are in business, be particular in maintaining the records, do not leave any lacuna in it. Enjoy the company of your close ones and possibly participate in get-togethers. Don’t be possessive regarding relationships, give some space to them. Take special care of your health between the 4th and 12th of March. The second fortnight is demanding more attention in comparison to the first fortnight. Keep care of allergy issues, ignorance may create difficult situations.

Here are some dos and don’ts for the month:

– Keeping patience is the key for this month.

– Do not be overconfident in any case.

GEMINI : (K, Ki, Kee, Gh, Ch, Ke, KO).

The month starts with good notes, you will come up with bold ideas and get the chance to implement them as it is at your work front. Superiors will be in your support in every case. If you are in business, be ready to get a good amount of profits, and make expansion plans that can be executed in the next month. Finance will be one of the best positions to make you feel happy this month and in the coming months too. Enjoy relationships and parties. You will get the chance to spend quality time with your close ones. Physical fitness needs your attention for sometimes special between the 7th and 12th of March.

Here are some dos and don’ts for the month:

– Being calculative is a good thing but leave manipulations this month.

  Do not underestimate anyone in the workplace and honor their limitations.

CANCER : (He, Hu, He, Ho, Da, De, Dee, Do).

Starting with a  new position is foreseen this month. If you are in business, take the help of friends for expansion. Some overseas opportunity is also foreseen or a platform for it can be made this month. An unwanted expenditure may disturb the entire planning, yet the inflow would be there. Don’t invest in purchasing property or assets. Personal life would be fine, and you can expect the support of your family as well as your extended family. Health needs your special attention, check your food habits, liquid intake must be increased this month, especially in the first fortnight.

Here are some dos and don’ts for the month:

– Be consistent in efforts to maintain the status.

– Don’t be harsh or sarcastic this month.

LEO (M, Me, Mi, Ma, Mo, T, Ti, Tee, Ta)

This month is not meant for getting support from superiors, so vigilance is needed on the work front. If you are in business, don’t react even if you see something wrong. Handle every situation with a diplomatic attitude. A need for the financial arrangement may arise this month either for the purchasing of property or for the four-wheeler to be changed. You may have some more responsibilities of the family to fulfill. Personal relations must be dealt with with utmost care. Health also needs your attention pessimistic thoughts must be avoided in the second fortnight.

Here are some dos and don’ts for the month:

– Be confident, it should not lose in any case.

– Don’t miss anything important that concerns you.

VIRGO  : (To, P, Pe, Pi, Th, Pe, Pee, Po).

Be ready to face challenges and come out with flying colors also. This month gives you the chance to have an upper hand over competitors in your job or business. Avoid spending money on others and keep your money safe, be foresighted. Avoid making travel plans and expenditures on this. Personal relations must be dealt with with soft speech and cool temperament in the second fortnight, especially between 24th March and 31st March. The health of course needs your special attention. Your food intake must be proper and in case of any health issue, diagnosis may take some time. So, taking a second opinion is advisable.

Here are some dos and don’ts for the month:

– The mantra remains the same as the previous month, be soft in speech.

– Don’t hurt the emotions of others and feel bossy too.

LIBRA : (R, Ri, Ro, Ho, Ta, Ti, Tu, Ta).

The month starts with calculations and a lack of support at the work front may frustrate you on occasion. Be careful not to react sharply or take an important decision out of anxiety between 8th March and 17th March. A financial constraint may hold some of your plans and their executions. Relationships, personal and professional both need special care to be dealt with. A misunderstanding may pop up and spoil your relationship too. The acidity issue may affect the health and spoil a few days too. Restlessness may also prevail like the previous month. Meditation can be a helpful tool for it.

Here are some dos and don’ts for the month:

– Try to be cool and calm is the mantra for this month.

– Don’t overlook the small things that can affect you.

SCORPIO: (To, N, Ne, Ni, No, Ya, Yee, Yu)

The first fortnight would bring more positivity but need attention also to your work. The chances of relocation are foreseen this month, or it may create a background for the next month. If you are in business, the expansion plan can be executed after 13th March. Finances would be fine and an unexpected gain may also be there in the form of getting stuck money back if any or from a past investment. Personal relations would demand your attention and your time too. Some small trips can be made to spend quality time together. Health may be one of the matters of concern for either you or your spouse, which should not be ignored. Drive carefully with the check on the speed of your vehicle.

Here are some dos and don’ts for the month:

– Do not mix your emotions with professional commitments.

– Don’t be possessive in relations.

SAGITTARIUS : (Ya, Yo, B, Bhi, Bhee, Bhu, Dha, Fa/Pha, Dha)

The best time to exhibit your skills and earn appreciation for it in the second fortnight. The first fortnight would not be as good as you expect. Professional journeys can be done, if you are in business in the first fortnight, whereas the second is not meant for that. A challenging position in financial matters, yet gains would be regular. Personal relations should be dealt with with soft speech. If your partner shows aggression, try to take it lightly in any case. Emotional health would need more attention than physical health this month. Take special care of it and check your mood swings between 6th March and 13th March.

Here are some dos and don’ts for the month:

– Try to be open-minded and accept good ideas too.

– Don’t be aggressive in any case in the first fortnight.

CAPRICORN: (Bho, J, Ji/Jee, Khi/Khee, Khe, Kho, G, Gi/Gee)

This month is of consistency in efforts, failing which, you may lose a big opportunity also. You may not be able to achieve your professional goals this month. Don’t leave anything in between. Finances may also be a constraint this month, yet a possibility of gain from an asset is foreseen after 16th March. Personal life may also have some issues to be sorted out that must be with a patient attitude. You have the habit of ignoring the emotions of others, this month will not give you the chance to mend up these things. Some confusion may prevail in your mind till 16th March and the second fortnight would be fine.

Here are some dos and don’ts for the month:

– Be in touch with higher officials as they will cooperate with you.

– Give a second thought before finalizing important matters.

AQUARIUS : (Gu, Gae, Go, Sa, Si, Su/ Sai, So, D).

Aimless aggression must be avoided this month and keep a special check on your work before submission till 17th March. If you are in business, be updated with every small thing regarding your paper formalities till the 17th of this month. Finances would be fine, the inflow would make you feel satisfied. Personal relations need your attention. Your professional stress should not affect your personal life this month. Emotional health must be checked as you may have some temperament issues and the negative thoughts will overrule your personality this month.

Here are some dos and don’ts for the month:

– Try to remain confident as this confidence will only help you succeed.  

– Keep looking for new opportunities around you but take important decisions after proper consultation.

PISCES : (Dee, Du, Th, Jh, Da, Dai, Cha, Chee).

The first fortnight would be hectic and you will have to manage your time properly. You will have challenges from time to time. Be careful while traveling and in financial transactions if you are in business. Every transaction must be checked before signing the document. Personal relations would be fine, the best part of this month. You will get moral and financial support from your spouse and extended family. A hectic schedule may affect your health, so take proper rest and be particular in your food intake. Spend some time in recreation to avoid physical tiredness.

Dos and Don’ts.

– Be kind and polite to subordinates to get the blessings of Lord Saturn.

Do not keep yourself aloof this month also, try to mingle with people around you.

-Dr. Suman Sachdev is an Astrology and Vastu Consultant

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