Myths About Christmas

Myth means a widely-held false belief. Christmas is celebrated every year on 25 December in
memory of Jesus Christ’s birth. In this article, we will be throwing light on the top 5 myths about
When we think of Christmas, we think about Santa Claus. In any corner of the world, you will
see people celebrating Christmas. It is indeed the best time when we enjoy ourselves with our
family before the new year. There are some myths related to Christmas as well.

  1. Christmas trees have been part of Christmas always
    In Pagan rituals, evergreen trees were used before becoming a symbol of Christmas. In the
    16th century, trees went from there to the German protestants. It may have been inspired by
    Martin Luther looking up at the stars or a combination of two pre-existing German traditions, the
    paradise tree, and the Christmas light. In 1846, A sketch of Queen Victoria and her German
    husband, Prince Albert, appeared in the illustrated London news. The royals stood in front of an
    evergreen Christmas tree, and that sketch started the trend.
  2. Christmas is the most important holiday in Christianity
    Christmas holidays are very popular because of which many people assume that Christmas is
    the most important day in the Christmas faith. This distinction actually goes to Easter. Believers
    celebrate Easters almost immediately. Christmas was added to the calendar hundreds of years
  3. Writing “Xmas” is insulting to Christians
    Writing “Christmas” as “Xmas” was not meant to be disrespectful to Christians. This term has
    deeper roots in faith. Christians were the ones who started the practice. It began with the writers
    of the New Testament. The second half of the Bible was written in coin Greek where the first
    letter in Christ’s name is “X”. To save space on-page, his name was frequently shortened toa
    single letter.
  4. The White House no longer has a Christmas tree
    The rumor that the White House no longer has a Christmas tree is false. It wasn’t true when the
    rumor was started during the Obama administration in 2009, and it isn’t true now. Some
    confusion arose from the fact that the capital Christmas tree decorating program focuses on the
    beauty of the states represented by the ornaments rather than on anything religious or political.
    But it isn’t the tree that goes up in the White House. That impressive specimen is very proudly
    called a Christmas tree.
  5. Jesus was born on December 25th
    We celebrate Christmas which is nothing but the birthday of Jesus Christ, and so we believe
    Jesus was born on that day. Well, there is no record of an actual birthday in scriptures or in
    historical texts. In the third century C.E., the Roman scholar, Hippolytus, came to the conclusion
    that Jesus was conceived on the spring equinox. This puts Jesus’s birthday close to 25th
    December. We celebrate Christmas in December because several cultures celebrated the
    winter solstice on, or around the 25th. However, Modern scientists believe Jesus was born in
    late September.
    Written By-
Pranali Mahindrakar, Student of BSc. CS, Pune.



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