Nine Tips for Working Women to Have a Work-Life Balance

Can a working woman have a perfect work-life balance? Of course, they can! Follow these tips for achieving the work-life balance that you have always dreamed of.

Women are multitaskers. Yet often working women find themselves overwhelmed by the demands of their household duties and work. Women are pushed into household duties since generations that have been the gender role they are serving. But in this world where both men and women are working at jobs that require their time and attention equally, the women feel unable to balance their work and life.

So here are some tips for having a better work-life balance.

1.       Prioritise

What is your priority? Know that first. Is driving your daughter to school more important than an email you should read? Can a task be done later? What task is to be done now and cannot be shifted to later. Do that…

2.       Ignore

The truth is, not everything is as important as we think it is. Can the laundry be done another day and not just be ignored today? Do you really need to clean up and organise your work desk? Ignoring certain minor tasks can save up a lot of your time. But you can always choose to do the important tasks.

3.       Set boundaries

Set boundaries and stick to them. If your client or boss asks you to have a Zoom meeting at a time when you need to get your daughter from school, you can say ‘no’. If you are stressed out reading some work-related emails while you are having your lunch or dinner, you say ‘no’ to yourself. Saying ‘no’ can work wonders and prevent you from stressing out.

4.       Delegate

Delegate your work. Not just the office work. You can delegate the housework to your husband and other family members. You can hire a housekeeper to do the odd jobs. You can depend on your elderly parents in taking care of your children if they are willing to do so. Or you can use a daycare centre. There is always another way. You don’t need to be at the centre of every job out there.  

5.       Automate

Automation is another way to reduce your work tasks. Automate monthly events in your calendar. Automate your emails when you are away from your desk so that the receiver knows when they can expect a reply. And at home, even simply switching to an automatic washing machine from a manual one can save a lot of your time.

6.       Have a routine

Establishing a routine does two things at once: it builds good habits and sets boundaries. It can be a routine of having a workout session every morning so that you don’t miss a day. A routine of picking up your kids from school and spending time with them in the car. Analyse what is making you have a poor work-life balance and see if you can alter it with a routine.

7.       Self-Care

Self-care is a responsibility. Practising self-care relieves stress and improves our creativity. We think better when our minds are clear. So set a designated time for yourself. Do things that you enjoy. Listen to music, go for a walk… or simply spend time with your friends. Pamper yourself a bit occasionally.

8.       Chat With your Employer

Do not hesitate in discussing your work-life balance concerns with your employer. Most people assume that they would not care, but surprisingly most employers care about their employee’s emotional health and work-life balance. So, discuss your concerns.

9.       Ask for Help

Asking for help is not always the same as delegating. Maybe you need to seek the help of a counsellor or business coach to discuss your future. You need not do it alone. You can ask for help from a professional for a lot of things.

We hope that you will be able to manage your work-life balance better with these tips and have a much more fulfilling and happier life.

-Staff reporter



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