Nurturing Human Connection: Day 12 on Our Relationship Journey with Sajitha Rasheed and Mind Mojo

Positive Attention
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Today, as we sail through day twelve of our journey toward stronger, happier relationships, let’s talk about something really important: making each other feel alive in our lives. It’s all about giving each other positive attention and letting them know they matter.

Why Positive Attention Matters

There’s this saying: “If you can’t kiss me, at least kick me.” Sounds strange, right? But it’s true for a lot of us. We all want to feel noticed and valued by the people we care about. It’s like a little reminder that we’re important and appreciated.

The Need to Feel Alive

Deep down, we all have this basic need—to know that we matter to someone else. It’s not just about hearing nice words; it’s about feeling them through the little things people do and how they respond to us. That’s how we feel alive in someone else’s world.

What Happens When We Don’t Get It Right

When we don’t get that positive attention, it can mess with our heads. Sometimes, we start seeking it out in not-so-healthy ways. We might start fights, create drama, or do things just to get noticed, even if it’s not good attention.

How to Keep Things Positive

So, how do we avoid all that drama? Simple—by giving each other positive attention. It could be as easy as saying something nice, doing something thoughtful, or just being there when they need us. These little acts show we care and make our relationships stronger.

Wrapping It Up: Strengthening Our Bonds

As we move through day twelve, let’s remember the power of positive attention. By making each other feel alive in our lives, we build stronger connections filled with love and understanding.

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