Rakul Preet Singh Speaks Out Against Pay Disparity Based on Gender in Indian Film Industry

Image Credit :E Times

Actress Rakul Preet Singh recently spoke out about the issue of pay disparity in the Indian film industry. In a statement, Rakul stated that payment should not be based on gender and that actors and actresses should be paid based on their talent and the value they bring to a project.

Rakul’s statement comes after fellow actress Priyanka Chopra also spoke out about pay disparity and gender discrimination in the industry. Both actresses have been vocal about the need for change and greater equality in the film industry.

In her statement, Rakul emphasized that the industry should move towards a more merit-based system of payment. “I strongly believe that payment shouldn’t be based on gender. It should be based on how much value you can bring to a project and the talent you have,” she said.

Rakul also highlighted the importance of female representation in the industry, both on and off-screen. “It’s important to have female representation in all aspects of filmmaking, from acting to writing to directing. We need more women to step up and take charge,” she added.

RE-reported from the story originally published in E Times

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