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Sagarika Chakraborty, the inspiration behind Rani Mukerji’s latest movie, “Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway”, is still living away from her children despite winning the custody battle. While the movie ends on a happy note, Chakraborty’s real-life story is still a struggle.

Chakraborty was deemed an unfit mother by the Norwegian government, resulting in her children being taken away from her. After a long legal battle, she was finally granted custody, but she is still living in a different state from her children, who are in West Bengal.

In an interview, Chakraborty shared that the legal battle led to her separation from her husband Anurup, who did not provide any child support and continued his life in Norway. She returned to India with her children but faced the challenge of providing for her family, including her heart-patient father.

Chakraborty is currently living in Pune for a new job while her children are being raised by her maternal grandparents in Kolkata. Despite the distance, she continues to provide for her family and is planning to write a book about her struggles.

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