Royal Love: Jordan’s Spectacular Union

Royal Love Jordan
Image source: The Indian express

The celebrations in Jordan resonate deeply, symbolizing a sense of continuity in the Arab state and revitalizing the monarchy’s image following a recent palace dispute. In a grand ceremony held at the palace, Jordan’s crown prince exchanged vows with the scion of a prominent Saudi family, capturing the attention of royals and VIPs from around the globe. The kingdom erupted with jubilant crowds celebrating the union of this influential power couple.

The wedding of Crown Prince Hussein, 28, and Saudi architect Rajwa Alseif, 29, attracted a star-studded guest list, including the likes of Britain’s Prince William and his wife Kate, along with US First Lady Jill Biden.

Adorned in a stunning white gown crafted by Lebanese designer Elie Saab, the bride arrived at Zahran Palace in a 1968 Rolls-Royce Phantom V, specially customized for the late great-grandmother of the crown prince. Donning his ceremonial military uniform with a gold-hilted saber, the crown prince made his entrance.

Amidst the beautifully landscaped gardens, the families and esteemed guests gathered in an open-air gazebo adorned with flowers to witness the traditional Muslim wedding ceremony, known as “katb al-ketab.” The crowd erupted in applause as the marriage contract was signed. As per a royal decree, Alseif will now be addressed as Her Royal Highness Princess Rajwa Al Hussein.

Several miles away, a wave of excitement swept through a packed ancient Roman amphitheater as spectators watched the couple exchange vows and rings on a large screen. The momentous occasion brought approximately 18,000 people to their feet, waving flags and revealing in the festivities at various viewing parties across the nation.

Samara Aqrabawi, a 55-year-old mother who watched the livestream with her young daughter, expressed her awe at the ceremony’s splendor. She shared her heartfelt wishes for all parents in Jordan and worldwide to experience the same sense of joy and pride as she witnessed in the king and queen.

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