“Set Free – A Journey towards Embracing Womanhood”


“Girls are taught from an early age to be small. To take up as little space as possible. To not be loud or stand out, often rewarded for being ‘nice’, ‘polite’ and ‘good’. The fashion industry tells us to shrink our bodies and the beauty industry tells us to pluck our hair and erase our wrinkles. We are told directly and indirectly to be less on a daily basis, while men are encouraged to be more. To take up space, as much as they can, with words like ‘brave’
‘Strong’ and ‘confident’ to describe boys while women with similar qualities are often labelled “bossy” and “too much”. It’s not always easy to spot. We’re so used to it sometimes it goes over our heads. But from my experience, we know it. We know when it happens and the good news is – we have the power to change it. For one, language matters. The words we use with our children and with ourselves are important. We can make a difference by rejecting labels and gender stereotypes that contribute to gender inequality. But also, perhaps it’s
time to reject the idea that being “too much” is a bad thing? Personally, I have no problem with being labeled ‘loud’ or ‘extra’. My job is not to be “less”. I have no ambition to be a watered down version of myself to fit into some box society wants to put me in. The truth is, we are sometimes loud, large,opinionated, sit with our legs open, and take up as much space as we want. And
some people might see all of that as a bad thing but that’s really their problem. Other people’s opinions of you don’t really matter, and as the stars of our own lives, there is no reason to be anything else (or less)
than what we truly are. Because after all, what is “too much” anyway? And maybe next time someone tells you you’re “too much” – say ‘thank you’ and see it as a compliment.
I know I do 😉❤️

Written By-

Gopika Nandu

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