powerful women

I knew her even before I was born,

I came to be, not until she was torn.

She evoked and inculcated feelings,

Her arms around me were ever so soothing.

She fed me and made me what I am.

I came through her, every ounce of me.

How could I be stronger than her?

She was once my sister and once a teacher.

Sister tricked; the teacher was always strict with me.

How was I smarter than her to be?

She held my hand and took me to a bazaar,

Taught one thing from another; yet knows nothing, bizarre!

She wove my sweater, treated my injury,

But she is always wrong and weak to the jury.

Then she met at work too, worked together till two.

Did everything I did; with the same zeal saw things through?

I fail to see how the world came to figure out this.

Openly preach and propagate, you are lesser miss.

Her fault seems everywhere, in it she is draped.

Her fault is also the fact that she got raped.

If she wears something short, a lesson awaits her,

If she covers herself, invokes curiosity and rips her.

You decide if she is allowed to exist,

You decide if you can see and resist,

You decide her fate in every possible way,

Carve her out of her own life and say.

Yet in all adversity she grows and thrives,

Watch her go, and the way she drives,

This world and you too, nothing can stop her or tame,

Only time is privy, you can just sit, wait and watch her claim.


Sandeep Ghosh

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