An article on women who inspired me.

I know I can’t do justice to all the women who inspired me right from my childhood till date. So I choose to write on “Woman in a man”, the “Feminine in masculine”. The energy with no form but is always there in any man.

The flip side also holds true that there is a “man in every woman” too. Thank you Almighty for your consideration during the construction process.

This energy form co-exists in varying degrees of dominance depending on external and internal influences that drive our choices in life, and is always shifting in intensity.

Someone observed that women tend to ‘experience’ life and men try to ‘understand’ life. Perhaps this could be one of the reasons why there is a difference in how each views life and lends to contrast between Adam and Eve. Taoism conceptualized it as the ‘Yin and Yang’ and a creative someone gave a logo to it too!

Typically, the feminine energy epitomizes creativity, compassion, grace, care and love in its unconditional form. Whereas the masculine epitomizes strength, assertiveness, action etc. You can keep adding as many adjectives to either one of them may it be positive or negative.

While I look forward to eulogizing the woman in the real world for what they have achieved, I seem to have ignored this ‘feminine’ energy in me which influenced my choices of life responses. I want to acknowledge ‘her’ influence for making me a better human being than what I would have been otherwise. In case your imagination is going wild, it is not being effeminate in fact, it is far from it!

Let me give a real life example. When I eliminate hostile targets in my profession in the Armed Forces, its masculinity, the predominant energy that is in play. At the same time, when I see an injured colleague, I would ensure he is carried to safety in spite of danger to my life which is the feminine energy taking over with the need to take care and protect them against all odds. Another one includes adding compassion while taking punitive action against an errant employee. There are many examples of how this ‘feminine’ energy influences a man.

We see the same happening in women too where the dominant energy is masculine when she fights an abusive relationship, stands up for herself against all odds for her rights and numerous such instances are seen when a woman gets her unknown ‘wave’ of strength, perhaps not realizing it’s the dominant male energy at work.

I am beginning to wonder if all the men from Mars are aware of this energy and how to harness it. Would it not make them a better human being? Less abusive, less stereo-typed machismo and not advocates of stigmatized upbringing?

Can this awareness of this energy be created from home and education to shape our children and ourselves into a better human being? I may not have off-the-shelf answers, but is it not a possibility for parental and relationship responsibility?

It takes courage for the men to acknowledge this feminine energy, surely we need to start somewhere.

Please share this with the men in your life, it is coming from an ex-commando who found this feminine energy a beautiful relationship to be with.

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Lt Col Prem Vas is from the Armed Forces and is
currently a practicing Leadership business and life
Coach, Management Consultant with interests in
infopreneur ship. He can be reached at [email protected] ,

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