The Inspiring Story of Navjot Simi – A Doctor Turned IPS Officer

Navjot Simi, a dentist by profession, has certainly broken the stereotypical way of thinking by securing 735th rank in UPSC 2018. She believes that one doesn’t necessarily need to get into costly coaching institutions to crack UPSC. Moreover, it is possible even by only referring to the internet and how the internet has everything that an applicant needs.

Born in a middle class Indian family, Simi had started preparing for the UPSC after starting her career as a dentist; then she worked as a trainee officer of the 2016 batch then cleared her IPS examination in 2018. Although she failed to clear the interview of the Union Public Service Exam in the year 2017, she finally managed to clear it in 2018 by obtaining the 735th rank. It is quite evident that she put her heart and soul to work hard and pass the examination. Although she got coaching, she opined that one can pass the IPS examination without getting costly coaching from an institute. 

After being established as a doctor, she faced immense pressure from her relatives to get married and settle down. However, she was determined to follow her dreams. And as a result, she achieved rank and her IPS dream came true. 

Not only with her inspiring journey, but also through social media, Simi is always one foot forward to spread awareness about women empowerment and side by side works on cybercrime issues. Her strong influence on social media has gained her a following of 1M on Instagram. Besides, she always had an interest in cricket as well as in poetry and shows the same in her Instagram posts. She also finds history to be fascinating and dives very much into the subject and enjoys reading our great Indian history and also the era of pre and post-independence.

During her entire journey for UPSC, she faced numerous ups and downs. However, it couldn’t restrain her from following her dreams and she devoted herself to the civil services exam preparation. It almost took her a year to prepare and even after failing her interview in the first attempt she didn’t back off. She always remained consistent and dedicated towards her aim, and ultimately passed the exam with flying colours.

  • Mohor Bhattacharjee 
Mohor Bhattacharjee is from Kolkata, currently pursuing Bachelor’s degree in English Literature. Besides writing, she likes music, movies, and cats. 



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