I recently gave a written tribute to the ‘giants who shaped my worldviews’ in a London-based magazine called Palm Leaf. All those role models were superbly powerful men who were unbeatable in what they did. They created their monopolies. During my growing up years, they shaped the way I think about the world. Their opinions became my beliefs. 

But where are the women who molded me into what I am today? Why despite being the beneficiary of all the love, warmth, and care from the females around me I tend to speak only about men influencers?

How can I forget my mother who lived her life for us, that is for me and my sister? Her unconditional love and acceptance had been the stepping stone of our life.  Looking back, if it was not for my beloved mom, I would not have been here in this world. I still remember as a weak, unhealthy, and insecure child, how I always clung to her tight. She was the light in my life.

I met Shamsi, my long-term ally and wife during our college days. She mothered me in the most endearing ways to make me feel comfortable through my tough moments in life and I bet she knows me more than I know myself.

And there is Nisha my company’s co-founder and long-time collaborator, who allows me to be what I am and listens to my inner anxieties and fears. A loyal friend indeed!

My sister, Varsha, with whom I shared my younger days, with whom I fought more often was always with me in my most vulnerable moments. Her love is non-judgemental, but she foresaw for me and warned me of the outcomes very often. She ripped off my self-made illusions and made me face the hard reality around me often.

Still, out there are many women like my teachers,  who have influenced me with their affection and empathy and also made me and my world a better place.

The women in my life shaped my emotional quotient and they owe my heart though my mind and intellect always sense and adore highflyers and stalwarts.

Mr. Krishna Kumar

CEO, GreenPepper

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