This 23-Year-old grew the first affordable hot chocolate brand in India

Anuva Kakkar, a 23-year-old from Agra has developed Tiggle,
the first affordable hot chocolate brand in India, 

Anuva Kakkar had always been a fan of hot chocolate. But she did not think that her love for this beverage would make her the founder of the first affordable hot chocolate brand in India. For Anuva, who was working for Urban Company (UrbanClap) in Gurugram, drinking a cup of good quality hot chocolate took a lot of effort. She had to travel to a distant café and order an expensive cup. This hassle led her to the idea of making her own hot chocolate brand.

As she began to manufacture her own hot chocolate, she was wondering about the market value of the product. To know the reviews of strangers, she began to sell her hot chocolate on the street for Rs.30 per cup. The stall was a success and she ended up partnering up with a kiosk in a metro station in January 2020 and began to sell the hot chocolate there.

Since she was selling liters of the drink, Anuva soon realized that this was not a scalable business and thus she began to think about selling good quality hot chocolate mix instead of the drink. The idea was to make something premium and affordable. Thus started Tiggle, the D2C hot chocolate brand.

She paired with a premium cocoa farm in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu. Initially, it was just Anuva who was making the hot chocolate mix, later she hired a few other girls who lost their job during lockdown to work with her. When Tiggle started in January 2021, they would source about 5-10 kg of cocoa a month, but now it’s about 400-500 kg. Tiggle has now delivered about 200,000 cups to 20,000+ pin codes.

Anuva dreams about expanding her business and making hot chocolate as popular as coffee and tea. She was 21 when she started her business and now she is 23. But for Anuva age is not a barrier in the path to success. She is an inspiration to all the young girls out there. 

-Poorna Krishnan



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