Upholding Democratic Values Amidst Political Imprisonment

Political Imprisonment
Image courtesy: The Quint

During an interview with The Quint at the Jaipur Literature Festival, Amia Srinivasan, a distinguished scholar, raised concerns about the existence of political prisoners in India, asserting that it contradicts the foundational principles of democracy.

Srinivasan explored the issue of free speech under right-wing administrations, highlighting the tendency for ideological manipulation rather than genuine neutrality.

She underscored the importance of a country’s treatment of political dissenters as indicative of its commitment to democracy, emphasizing the necessity of fair trials and the presentation of evidence.

Expressing apprehension over the suppression of student voices, Srinivasan emphasized their historical significance in catalyzing societal change and cautioned against the dangers of silencing dissenting perspectives.

Critiquing the self-censorship observed in OTT platforms, the scholar attributed this phenomenon to profit-driven motives rather than a genuine commitment to promoting free expression.

Additionally, Srinivasan warned against the trend of managing countries as corporations, highlighting the potential erosion of democratic values in favor of efficiency and productivity.

Finally, she examined the “cancel culture” concept, challenging its inherent biases and advocating for open engagement with diverse viewpoints, regardless of personal disagreement.

Re-reported from the article originally published in The Quint

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