Lithuania Stands for India’s Territorial Integrity and Sovereignty, Condemns Transgressions by China and Russia

Lithuania stance on India
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Lithuania has recently stated its support for India’s territorial integrity and sovereignty while criticizing the transgressions of China and Russia. The Lithuanian Foreign Minister, Gabrielius Landsbergis, made this
statement during his visit to India.

According to Landsbergis, He has faced similar challenges to its territorial integrity and sovereignty due to Russian aggression. Therefore, Lithuania understands the importance of respecting the sovereignty of other nations, including India. Lithuania added that Lithuania firmly supports India’s position on the recent conflict with China over the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh.

Furthermore, Landsbergis expressed concern over China’s aggressive behavior in the Indo-Pacific region, including its maritime claims and its military build-up. He also criticized Russia’s actions in Ukraine and
Belarus, states that it is essential to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of these nations. Landsbergis emphasized the need for a rules-based international order and stated that Lithuania is committed to working with India and other like-minded countries to promote and uphold this order. He also highlighted the need for closer cooperation between India and Lithuania in areas such as trade, investment, and technology.

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