Woman Sends ‘Edible Resume’ To Nike; Post Went Viral On The Internet


When it comes to making a resume stand out, most applicants do not hesitate to go the extra mile. Recently, such an incident was seen when a North Carolina woman printed her resume on a cake and had it hand-delivered to Nike, earlier this month. 

Karly Pavlinac Blackburn — whose catchphrase is “Whatever it is, I get it done,” — explained her creative job application at the leading sports brand in a post which apparently went viral on LinkedIn. 

In the post she wrote, “A couple of weeks ago I sent my resume on a cake to Nike.” The woman authored an elaborate piece on LinkedIn explaining why she came up with the notion of printing her resume on a cake as opposed to the conventional method. “They are not currently hiring for any positions on that team, but I wanted to find some way for the team to know who I was. What better way than to send a cake to a big party,” she explained. 

She received a recommendation from a friend to print her resume on top of a cake and mail it to the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, rather than submitting a standard job application. After doing some research, she made the decision to send the cake on the day she was aware of a celebration being held at the corporate headquarters.

Karly explained how fortunate she was to have an understanding Instacart driver ended up with her cake. Denise Baldwin, the driver, assured her that she’d do “whatever it takes” to get the cake sent right down to the party and managed to navigate the large campus of Nike.

When asked to leave the cake at the front desk, Denise insisted: “No, I need to see this go in their hands. I promised Karly I would get this cake to the right person.” Whether or not she gets the job, Karly said she was happy the delivery agent was inspired by her.

“This was meant to be. I am a mom and I am tired of doing Instacart. I know I have more abilities and qualifications to get something better. I’m so glad this worked for the both of us,” Denise told her.

The idea of a woman mailing a resume as a cake drew mixed responses from Internet users after they read the piece. Some people commended her original thinking and said it was a wonderful concept, while others termed it a ‘gimmick.’ 

Source: LinkedInTo read the post, click here.

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