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After the pandemic, the world has gone through a lot, seen a lot, and learned a lot. We saw how a virus changed the dynamics of the global health infrastructures and how obvious issues like cleanliness, basic hygiene, and nutrition became lifesaving hacks during adverse times.

It is safe to say that women at this crucial time came to the forefront as world leaders. As we approach International Women’s Day on 8th March 2023, we must say kudos to them and how they have introduced the concept of equality in healthcare. It takes a lot of effort and patience to demand a place in an industry primarily dominated by males or previously dominated by males; needless to say, women strive to achieve that.

While growing up, I had the support of a powerful woman who was opinionated and always stood up for what she believed in; my mother. In the following years, I came across women who had their opinions and knew how to break the glass ceiling. But when it comes to healthcare or public health, there is a need for more leaders who can lead by example.

Various issues like gender-based violence, sexual harassment, the concepts of consent, and workplace ethics, the list is not exhaustive and requires a “female lens.” When we talk about equality, it means access to healthcare for all and equal participation in leadership roles, thus claiming a place on the world podium.

Women at grassroots levels are often more likely to open up and discuss their health-related concerns with a female doctor or healthcare worker. It becomes easier to solve the problem. While appreciating women in healthcare or public health, it is also essential to recognize the concept of feminism – and, thus, appreciate men who take cognizance of the concept of equality in recognition of women.

Women in healthcare, in any role, are essential and will improve the current state of affairs and add a new perspective to this domain.

She writer Dr. Chandrima Chaterjee is currently working in the domain of pharmacovigilance. She has experience working in Public Health, with an inclination toward mental health. She is a dental surgeon with over three years of experience in consultation and other dental procedures.

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